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About us

For over 115 years the name of DeWit® has been synonymous with craftsmanship reliability and quality. A 5 generation family business which combines craft with tradition. A company that is not afraid of innovation. Choosing DeWit® is a guarantee for the very finest quality in forged tools, with an array of products revered worldwide.

Five generations

For 5 generations, the deWit® family, together with a team of skilled employees, has guaranteed the quality you need. The three-person management is involved on a daily basis in all purchasing, production and sales processes within the company. We can now call ourselves real specialists. And with the 5th generation working in production and the warehouse, you can be assured that a DeWit® has always been involved with your product.


In addition to the DeWit family, there is a team of skilled employees who together guarantee your quality product. Within all departments of our company there is extensive experience in controlling the processes required for making DeWit® forged tools. We are a recognized training company which ensures an influx of young employees who can take over the heavy work if necessary.

Discover DeWit factory garden and learn about construction and maintenance.

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