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Lawnedger forged ash T-handle 850mm

Lawnedger forged ash T-handle 850mm

You can get a sleek lawn edge by trimming the edges along a taut line at least twice a year. You can trim grass edges with an edge cutter, which is made for this purpose. And the blade of the grass edger or edger is flat and has the shape of a half moon with which you can stick straight through the grass and stick sideways along the tensioned line. After cutting off, remove the cut grass edge. Lawn edgers are available in all steel, with a wooden handle, and the best option is one with a forged blade that allows you to cut through the grass with much less force. A lawn edger is also ideal if you want to create a beautiful border in your lawn.


  • Article number icon 9101
  • Weight icon 1,00
  • Size icon 990x240x30
  • Handle icon Handgreep