3D garden

Spades, handles and shovels

A spade can be seen as the most personal piece of gardening equipment. With the forged blade of the spade you can pierce through roots, dig a hole, dig your vegetable garden, DeWit® also has a spade with an extra serrated edge to make it even easier to pierce through the roots. The handle of a spade is at least as important as the forged blade, always use the handle in an upright position, and do not bend or pry the handle too much because then you will have a lance that will break the handle.

With the handle you can spend more time digging around in the garden, for example refreshing your soil, bringing up old roots and preparing the border for a new garden season. While you destroy a lot with a spade by digging, with a handle you leave more of your existing soil culture, you don't disturb it anymore than necessary. Even with a handle, use the handle in an upright position as much as possible and do not pry it too far, as there is a chance of a broken handle.

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