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Concrete / snow shovel ash T-handle 1100mm

Concrete / snow shovel ash T-handle 1100mm

The concrete shovel is often used to fill the concrete mixer with sand, gravel, lime and other materials. The large leaves are easy to scoop and in combination with the 110cm long stem you have achieved a large size. This concrete shovel is also useful if you want to mix concrete yourself when installing your garden fence. Of course you can do much more with it, the flat top and the straight cut also make the shovel easy when tidying up the garden or garage. It is also a moth tin with a long handle, you can wipe up your mess on it and can easily throw it in the garbage bag.


  • Article number icon 2037
  • Weight icon 1,75
  • Size icon 1320x245x150
  • Handle icon Handgreep