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Paving tools

Paving tools

We have been specialists in the production of paving tools since 1950. In our range of DeWit® paving hammers you will not only find the 5 and 7 cm hammers. We have more than 25 different paving hammers in our range so that, as a paving specialist, we also know what you need as a paving specialist. As a paving contractor you want to be able to make a choice before you start a job. Some decorative paving cannot be saved with a normal paving hammer but requires custom work. For this purpose we make the street hammer with a nylon cap, which is also interchangeable. We also have black rubber caps in our range that fit DeWit street hammers. No more searching for a sledgehammer, just put the cap on the back of your street hammer. Nowadays you see more and more brands that come onto the market with a few hammers, don't be tempted and opt for Dutch quality, we know how a hammer should be forged.

How we make a paving hammer

Nowadays we forge the hammers just like in the past. We no longer use gas for heating, but induction. The induction is powered by our solar panels installation. The hammers you use from DeWit® are therefore produced in a sustainable manner in the Netherlands. After forging, the hammers are cooled and hardened in water.

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